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The Adaptive Control for Metal Cutting (ADACOM) project is an EU funded venture that commenced in 2009. The project aims to develop a generic modular adaptive control platform that will allow metal cutting processes to respond to changing circumstances.

Latest news

HDM & DAIMLER Host M42 Meeting

17 May 2012

The ADACOM Consortium attended 3 very productive meeting days at HDMs (Wiesloch and Amstettem) and Daimlers (Ulm) facilities. ...Read more »

Mondragon University (MGEP-Faculty of Engineering) - CRF Case Study Update

27 April 2012

CRF Case study: comparison of drilling GG-25 and CGI450 using adaptive control has been made. The final idea was to distinguish one material form the other by signal acquisition. The ...Read more »

Mondragon University (MGEP-Faculty of Engineering) - DIAD Case Study Update

27 April 2012

DIAD Case study: experimental results were carried out to set up and adaptive control for drilling Inconel 718 in order to guarantee that residual stresses values are within the specifications. ...Read more »


There is a drive in industry to be able to machine lighter, more flexible and complex components manufactured from innovative materials including titanium alloys, composites and metal-composite materials.

      However, the properties that have made these materials attractive to designers are also the source of various problems, specifically those which make them difficult to machine.

ADACOM strives to overcome these problems by developing software tools that connect data to the product. For example, analysis of life cycle data could result in increased tool life and reduction of waste. The memory of these benefits are held in an intelligent adaptive control system...

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